An Enrolled Agent (EA) is an individual who is authorized by the U.S. Department of Treasury to represent you before the IRS for audits, preparing and filing tax returns and other accounting services. Unlike CPA’s and attorneys, an EA is licensed by the federal government and not an individual state and as such is not restricted as to where they can practice.

To become an EA, an individual must enroll and complete the Special Enrollment Examination (“SEE”), which is a comprehensive 3-part exam administered by the IRS. The testing specifically covers tax law related to individuals and business tax returns. The individual must receive a passing score on all three parts to become and authorized EA.

Here at T.L. Baker we would like to officially congratulate Morgan on becoming an authorized EA as she has completed and passed the SEE exam. Always remember, if you are selected by the IRS for an audit, don’t fret or worry. We at T.L. Baker are prepared to serve our clients in all stages of the tax return life cycle.

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  1. Congrats Morgan! Another reason you at TL Baker are the best! Thank you for being on the leading edge for me and my business.

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